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HM Prison High Security H-Division

Victorian Heritage Register (VHR):1551, Heritage Overlay Number : HO47 Moreland Planning Scheme.

H-Division Labour Yards

Initially consisting of 16 yards and constructed in 1900 abutting the original east wing of A-division from which they are accessed. Subsequently another 8 yards were constructed east of the bluestone intervening wall, which was originally the perimeter wall. During 1950s, the labour yards were converted to high security cells which become known as H-division. In 1990s H Division was upgraded and roofed. A number of cells have been enlarged through demolition of intervening walls.

The H-division comprises a central walkway off which the yards are accessed. A covered observation walkway above is constructed of galvanised pipe with ripple iron screens. A series of levers on the observation walkway are connected to the doors of the yards, enabling the doors to be operated from above. The walls of the central walkway are load bearing brickwork while the intervening walls between cells are brick. The rock-faced bluestone walls make up the perimeter walls of H-division.

Photographic survey by Hin Lim, 16th June 2014. © Hin Lim | 2014

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