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HM Prison Pentridge Context & Walls.

Victorian Heritage Register (VHR):1551

Heritage Overlay Number : HO47 Moreland Planning Scheme.

The former HM Pentridge Prison was established in December 1850. The structures remaining from the prison consist of A Division, B Division, B Division Annexe (former kitchen), D Division including the exercise yards, the former hospital (Former E Division), F Division, G Division (Jika Reformatory for Girls), H Division, the main gate, Administration Building, the former Chief Warders and Overseer of Works Residences, the Industries Buildings, the laundry, the south gate to the Women's Prison, and remaining bluestone walls, gates and lookout towers.

The former HM Prison Pentridge is of architectural and historical significance as a nineteenth century complex of buildings that demonstrates a number of phases in the development of the penal reform system. Most of these structures still survive, largely intact. The range of cell blocks, workshops and other buildings, the relatively dispersed layout of the buildings and the large scale of the site as a whole demonstrate the unique character of Pentridge as the principal establishment for long-term prisoners. The planning of A, B and D Divisions are representative examples of the overwhelming influence and continuing development of British planning models, from the 1830s until the end of the nineteenth century. F Division is a rare surviving example of early nineteenth century prison buildings.

The former prison is of architectural significance due to its monumental size and the austere Classical style of the nineteenth century prison buildings. The complex of buildings and walls are important for their expression of the requirements of containment and order. (note: extract from Victorian Heritage Database Report “Heritage Victoria” – HM Prison Pentridge, report generated 24th July 2014).

Photographic survey by Hin Lim, 16th June 2014. © Hin Lim | 2014

West facing Wall K and former Chief Warder’s and Overseer of Works Residences (B2) and former Hospital (former E Division)

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